How To Stay Motivated To Workout During The Winter

I think i can safely say that most of us have a hard time staying on track during the winter and holiday season...especially if you live on the north east coast like myself. well I'm here to give you a few tips on how you can keep yourself motivated and continue working out like summer is in 2 months.

first lets identify the issues at hand here. why do we stop going to the gym around this time of year? why do we put on a few extra pounds?

problem: it can get cold af. "i hate leaving my house when its less than 40 degrees outside."

solution: head to the gym straight from work. bundle up. do a home workout.

problem: "i'll just work out after the new year"

solution: why wait until next year to set a goal? start now and you'll be steps ahead come January.

problem: "I've gained weight. i don't know how to start back up"

solution: follow a few fitness gurus on instagram for motivation. link up with that friend who's always in the gym posting about "gains".

problem: "i hate machines. i dont know what to do in the gym"

solution: get into group fitness classes. find what you like and what challenges you. find a few instructional videos on youtube and then try the workouts on your own.

after you finally get the excuses out of your head and you see that there is nothing holding you back then you will be right back on track! remember, "summer bodies are made in the winter".

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