How Making Friends At The Gym Can Benefit You

It’s the end of January…. you’re looking for that new activity to get into.You’re single, you’ve graduated college, you’ve settled into your job and now you want some excitement. Something to possibly break you out of your shell, break out of your comfort zone, learn something new and even make some new friends.

That was me, but except that it was not January, it was June. I joined a local gym with a family member, believe it or not, most people prefer to jump into a new activity with another person, whether it be a friend or a family member to establish a form of comfort. Walking into a gym, the different faces, the different body types, I was kind of lost at first, figuring out what to start on first. Once I settle

d in, I learned how to stretch and work each part of my body from my shoulders to my toes. Knowing that dance was a comfort zone for me growing up, I jumped into a Zumba class, which as we all know you need a little flair, rhythm and hips to move. I went right in, shy at first in a room full of women and a few men, all from different parts of the area, from all different backgrounds, all ages, but we all shared one common ground: we loved to dance.

We formed a family, we smiled and greeted one another each time, had small talk ranging from how’s your week or how was your day to can you help me out with the new choreography? Once the music starts up, we become one, we put aside everything from the day, and we let it out through dance. We even laugh, smile and help each other throughout that hour. That hour of class-it takes you to a state of mind, that is so energetic, so powerful, so positive and you feel it. It’s a feeling I never thought you could feel, in a room full of people that once were strangers, it’s truly magical. They became my brothers and sisters, not only at one gym, but traveling to different gyms in the area, taking on new instructors in different classes.

Joining a community such as a gym has such lasting affects and benefits.

I did not think at the beginning, that I would make friends so quickly, even so, a close group of friends, who not only see each other at the gym but outside as well.

Making connections is huge in any new venture you go into. In a fitness community, everyone is experienced in all types of industries, you not only learn fitness tips from one another, but life tips, advice-some of the best advice I ever received was from one of my fellow sisters-the point is with every experience, every thought, every action you take-it’s the most important step going forward.

This experience has helped me so much-as cliché as that sounds-it’s the truth. I have never been as outgoing, nor eager to meet new people or go up to new people and introduce myself until I took action and joined something so great that it has become a part of me, a part of my lifestyle. Meeting new people at the gym can benefit you in ways you did not know were possible. It has been a “break out of your shell” experience for me, it has given me such positive spirits, where it reflects to others and it has brought out my passion for dance once again, but this time, for good. Another major reason why making friends, forming this family has became a reality is because of my talented instructor, she has the most contagious smile and bubbly personality, along with the most beautiful choreography which makes that hour so enjoyable, so electric and so full of life. Wherever we go, there is always music, that brought us together originally and it will always follow us.

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