The Vixen Workout Experience

So most of you have seen me constantly talking about and promoting the Vixen Workout. Some of you have decided to try it out, and others are like, "This sounds like a pole dancing class. No way". Well the good thing is that it's NOT a pole dancing class. There is no pole in sight and we are not wearing 5 inch stilettos. Yes, when you hear the word "Vixen" you usually think of a sexy woman or music video model but there's so much more behind the meaning of Vixen Workout.

One of my Zumba students, Elizabeth Rhonda, who also happens to be successful lifestyle blogger came to try out a class. Here's her experience:

What exactly is the Vixen Workout? "The Vixen Workout is a dance fitness format that uses commercial choreography, killer music remixes, and stage lighting so you can experience yourself as a performer. (Basically, you get to pretend you're opening for the VMA’s, and perform the moves you see by your favorite artists.) Our mission is to give a new edge to pop culture by merging dance, fashion, music, and fitness. Our classes create an environment where you can experience an emotional release, mind-body connection, and a sense of community while burning anywhere between 400 to over 1,000 calories! What we're trying to say is, you can absolutely enjoy all the physical benefits of an effective workout while having an insane amount of fun and feeling like the most powerful version of yourself." -

I was introduced to the format in 2016 by my fellow Zumba instructor, Marilyn Ponce from Las Vegas. She was an active Vixen Workout instructor and she had told me how much she loved it. I looked into it and I was amazed by not just the choreography but what the brand stood for. It's all about women empowerment, feeling confident, reaching personal and physical goals, and becoming a better version of yourself. Plus, the music was amazing. This was right up my ally.

So I signed up for an instructor training in March 2017(never taking a class prior), and it's been an amazing journey since then. I have women in my classes who have lost weight, who were intimidated by some of the moves at the beginning, who have no dance background, who have built confidence, and have made friends in class. I'm super excited to grow the Vixen Workout in New Jersey and introduce more women to this amazing army.

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