Gym Drama: Do Less Talking and More Walking

Some of us join the gym to keep active and healthy. Some of us join to get into shape. Some of us join to take classes and meet friends. These are all are very valid and understandable reasons why people attend the gym so, question: What's up with the drama?

It can be very easy to be sucked into gym drama and gossip, especially when becoming part of group fitness. Do any of these words sound familiar to you?

"That instructor is horrible. Don't go to her class"

"That woman always jumps to the front of class and she can't even dance"

"I heard one of the trainers is sleeping with the manager"

Even if any of the information might be true, we definitely don’t want to get involved in gossip and drama at the gym. After all, you are there to better yourself and focus on yourself, right? Getting involved in unnecessary gossip is only a distraction and it puts you into a negative mindset, total opposite of what you need at the gym.

This doesn’t just affect gym members, but staff also. Putting down another instructor or talking to members about front desk staff only makes you look unprofessional and untrustworthy. Personal trainers and instructors in particular need to make members feel comfortable and welcome to the gym. This is where people need to feel confident, motivated, and in a safe zone.

So how can you remove yourself from drama and gossip in the gym? Walk away…literally. Get your butt on the treadmill and put your headphones on. Ignore the negativity. If you’re in a conversation where gossip arises, try to change the subject to something good going on in your life, like those 5lbs you just lost or your daughter graduating college. Instructors, if someone complains to you about another instructor simply respond by saying “All instructors work very hard and I’m sure they are trying their best.”, or “Everyone is not our cup of tea, maybe try another class”.

Let’s all try to be the bit of positive light that we all need for one another to grow.

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