How I Stay Active With a Herniated Disc

At some point during our lives we experience some sort of injury, sprain, or illness. This can be from a fall, strenuous activity, an accident, or simply our bodies just falling apart(so we might tell ourselves). The question is, how do we overcome things like this?

Two years ago I remember being so excited to head to Las Vegas for a trip. So excited that I packed almost half of my closet. Ok, I'm exaggerating.. but my suitcase sure felt like it. Rushing out the door to the airport I went to lift my heavy suitcase and immediately felt a sharp pain shoot through my lower back. I knew something wasnt right.

Of course I ignored it and ran my butt to the airport. My few days in Vegas were fun but painful. I tried doing a few yoga poses and back stretches thinking that my back was just tight. The pain went on for weeks. Around that time I had just started visiting a chiropractor. I told him about my lasting pain and he advised me that maybe I should get a MRI to make sure there wasn't any serious injury. Well I did that and come to find out I had L-2 and L-5 disc herniations.

"How the heck did this happen?" Was it from lifting my overpacked suitcase? Was it from working out or dancing? I had no idea but I knew that I need to get better.

My doctor advised me that disc herniations were totally common and can get better with proper care. I was told to strengthen my core and the pain would get better. I also had to watch how I lifted things or bent forward. After working out/dancing I had to continually ice my lower back to keep down any inflammation. After a few months, the pain lessened and now I barely have any pain. If I ever do get a flare up or start to feel any pain, I do stretches that involve arching my back or bridge pose. I also take a daily dose of turmeric to help prevent inflammation. However, I always need to be mindful of my movements and what kind of stress I'm putting on my back.

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