Benefits of a Workout Buddy

You walk into a gym, see all different kinds of people.. and you’re all there for the same reason, to be healthier, stronger, faster, than before. Some feel intimidated or shy in a gym setting so they bring a friend, or in other cases, they make friends who become a “workout buddy”.

Some women feel that they should have a female friend workout with them to be on the same level. Other times, you do see a female with a male or vice versa whether they be friends or a couple.

In my experience in a gym setting, I have workout partner(s) that are female and male, and guess what? You wind up learning more than you would with just one. As they say, men are about weight training and women are about toning, why not combine the two and become unstoppable? Your goals will double!

Reasons why having a workout buddy will benefit you:

  1. Easier to try new workouts

  2. Motivate and support one another

  3. Makes your workout safer especially when increasing weight plates, dumbbells etc.

  4. There are partner routines you can try together

  5. Keep your form in check- Having a partner with you can watch your form, and even record or take photos that you can review later and know where you need improvement

  6. Your workout becomes instantly fun! Working out can be serious but having a partner can automatically change your mood and mind set and only push you to be better and happy, of course!

  7. Help you achieve your goals

  8. More calorie burn, more focus, more time invested in your week, and more dedication

  9. Less stress, less worry, less intimidation

  10. And Lastly, you will reach your goals together !

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