Why The Scale May Be Misleading

Why is it that we can be working out religiously but when we step on the scale we haven't lost one pound? Why does the scale say something different every time you step on? Well, I'm here to tell you that the scale is not always going to show you what you want to see. But you can!

So as you may or may not know, muscle weighs more than fat in your body. Your muscle mass should always be at a higher percentage than fat (this is the goal). This is important to factor when working out. If you are incorporating weight training into your workout regimen then this may be a reason that your weight on the scale is not going down. You are building muscle and your weight is not changing because of it. Muscle helps burn fat so you have nothing to worry about.

Your scale weight may also depend on the day or week, or what you drank or ate. Sometimes we get bloated and retain extra water weight. This is especially for women during their menstruation period.

So when should you weigh yourself? It's good to weight yourself every few weeks, or if you're going through a weight loss program, once a week. But the ultimate results are going to show in the mirror. Only you can truly tell when your body is making visible changes. Your pants may start falling a little, your arms might look more toned. And you will see this as long as you keep working hard and falling more in love with your body. As Shaun T says, "Conquer your mind, and You can transform your life.". You do not want to focus too much on how to get the perfect body. Your before pictures and your friends and family will be there to remind you how great you really look and how far you came. And the opinion that matters the most is your own. Remember, you are not a number and what shows up on the scale does not define your progress. Keep pushing!

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