Workout Tips for When You Are Traveling

Traveling during the summer is very popular. Sometimes we just need to get away to unwind and refresh and other times travel is for work purposes or leisure. Either way keeping your consistent grind becomes tricky. It is super important especially for me.

I, just like most people, went away during the summer month of July and knew I would be skipping my usual “Zumba” or “kickboxing session” and wanted to be sure I could have some type of workout to keep up.

Some tips I used were :

-Bring light equipment with you such as ankle weights or resistance bands

-Bring activewear and sneakers..go for long walks or even a run

-If you’re a gym goer, Check with your gym if there is a local gym where you are traveling to receive a free pass or if you are a VIP member you could probably walk right in.

-Especially for those who are shore goers, bike riding is popular and definitely a great exercise !

-Stair climbing..if you’re at a hotel or Air Bnb Home if available-even a few minutes will boost your heart rate

-Set up a plan..ex: lunges, sit-ups, pull ups, crunches, handstands, squats etc.

-Track your progress on your phone or a useful fitness app

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