Dealing With the Crowded Gym After New Years

So it's January 1st. That means "New Year, New You", right? Thousands of people are planning their comeback to the gym or choosing a new gym to join. Everyone is trying to burn off those holiday calories, get focused and get right for summer. Well the downside is that everyone has the same motive so your gym might be a little extra crowded for at least 2 or 3 months. Should you let this discourage you from going to the gym? Nope!

Try going to the gym during "off-peak" hours.

If your schedule allows it, try going to the gym when there might be less people. This would be early in the morning before 7am or late at night after 8pm. You might have more space and spend less time waiting for your turn on the leg press machine.

Be nice to the newbies.

If you've been consistently going to your gym and enjoying the uncrowded classes and weight area, you may get a little annoyed when you suddenly see an influx of people. Keep in mind that some of these people may be new to working out and might feel uncomfortable or intimidated. Give them a smile or if you see someone struggling to pick up a weight help them out.

Avoid the "Front Row Diva" drama.

If you've been taking Zumba or any other popular group fitness class, then you know what I'm talking about. There's always those few people who demand their spot in the front near the instructor. During this time of year classes may get super crowded so try getting there early for a good spot and to avoid any bickering. It's just Zumba right?

Work out at home.

Yup. If you really want to avoid the crowds and you just can't seem to enjoy your workout at the gym, try working out a few days in your home. There are so many online workouts that you can either pay for or get for free right on YouTube. Check out FitnessBlender for a variety of different workouts. The best thing about working out at home is you don't have to worry about people looking at you, you can wear anything, and you can play whatever music you want. And if you're a multi-tasker like me, you can cook while you work out too.

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