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3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before the New Year (To Manifest More)

The end of the year always comes with a load of different emotions, excitement, anticipation, and reflection.

This is the perfect time to sit down and really reflect on what type of year it was for you, and highlight some major turning points. This is also the time to start thinking about where you want to see yourself in another year. Use this time period to really get creative and start using your imagination to visualize future manifestations.

Here's 3 key questions that you can ask yourself in order to start preparing yourself for a brand new year. I would definitely suggest writing down the questions and answers, or bringing up these questions in meditation.

1. "What is One Thing That I want The Most Right Now?"

Getting clear on what you want in life is key to manifesting. However, we could want a million things in our lives at once. Narrowing down one thing at a time and focusing is the best way to not only keep ourselves sane, but to call in what we want quicker. Where attention goes, energy flows. The more you focus on one thing at a time, the more presence it will have in your life.

2. "What Is No Longer Serving me?"

December is a great time to purge, clean, and get rid of anything that is not making you a better person. Sometimes we hold on to items, relationships, or beliefs that are only holding us back from the next level in our lives. Work on self-awareness and notice when you no longer have an interest, tolerance, or an attachment to certain situations, people, or things.

While letting go can feel like a form of loss or grief, just know that you're making space for NEW, exciting and big things to come into your life. Never be afraid to detach in order for your growth to occur.

3. "What Is The Theme Of MY Next Year?"

Having a theme to your year can be motivating and can keep things in perspective for you. Claiming the type of energy and tone that you want to set for the year can help you stay on track and give you purpose.

My theme for 2023 was "The Year of the Comeback" because I knew I wanted to show up bigger and better in my personal life and in my business after dealing with so much anxiety, confusion and loss since 2020. I also wanted to invite and encourage others to make their comeback to reclaim who they truly are deep down and step into their power.

And guess what? That theme stuck with me throughout the year and allowed some amazing things to happen as a result of me sticking with the plan and remembering what I wanted the year to feel like. I also watched others around me grow and make a comeback.

Choose your theme based on what type of life you are creating for yourself and write it somewhere you can always see it.

I recently released my self-published Self-Care Journal & Wellness Guide, and I've been using myself daily to remember to prioritize my self-care. The journal has over 100 prompts to help you increase your self-esteem, your mood, your quality of sleep, and find peace within yourself.

There is a digital version also available for the girlies who prefer an ipad or tablet.

If you found this article useful and you want more tips on how to step into the best version of yourself next year then watch this next:

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