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How To Practice Discipline As A Form Of Self-Love

Discipline can absolutely be a form of self love.

Some people may not agree with this, and that's okay. Those people probably lack discipline or self love, or both.

While I've been on this journey of becoming my best self, I've come to learn over time that my promises, plans, or dreams will always take a back seat unless I incorporate discipline. Especially as an entrepreneur, no one is coming to save you, remind you, force you, or take you where you need to be.

It's up to you to get where you want to be in life. How much do you truly love yourself and are willing to keep promises to yourself?

Here's 3 ways that we can become more disciplined and stick to the things that we said we were going to do... at the time that we said we would.

1. Reward Yourself When You Stick To Your Commitments

Think about how well positive reinforcement works with children or pets. If they do something that we like, we reward them. When did we stop receiving rewards as adults?

Treat yourself as a child and give yourself things that you enjoy when you complete certain tasks or accomplishments. Whether that's a drink from Starbucks, a movie night, a lovely take-out meal, allow yourself to have these things often when you feel accomplished and disciplined.

2. use visuals REMINDERS

Visuals like mood boards, vision boards, a lock screen, or pictures are great reminders that we have.a goal in mind. If your goal is to lose weight, maybe having a picture of how you looked at your ideal body weight, or someone with a similar desired frame.

If you want to make more money, maybe keep a picture of money on your lock screen. I personally keep 1 or 2 bills on my dresser so that I can see that money is always available and around me. This helps me build an abundance mindset, and remember that there is no lack of money in this world.

Figure out what you would like to see often to keep you on track, and then figure out the best place for it.

3. Have people hold you Accountable

Having someone or a few people to hold you accountable is always a great thing. These can be coaches, trainers, teachers, friends, workout buddies, or people in your community with similar goals.

Don't be afraid to tell people what you need help with, or what you're having trouble sticking to. You'd be surprised how many people are willing to help AND also ask for accountability in return. Then you end up helping each other.

There's also calendars, AI technology and apps that can send you reminders when something needs to be done. If your problem is scrolling on social media, maybe try using an app that sets a timers and kicks you off when you've hit your time limit. This is useful if you're having issues with time management and getting work done.

If you found this article useful, then dive deeper into the topic on the latest episode of the "Let's Just Be Real Podcast" .

This post contains product and affiliate links. I earn commissions from my sponsored links. Thank you for your support.


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