Movement Is Medicine

Get To Know Me

"If you don't enjoy what you do everyday, the money will never be worth it."

Marissa Tonge is a strong believer in following your passion and living with a purpose. Even though she has evolved into a talented and educational dance and professional, her passion began with a love for fitness.


At just the young age of 3, she began exercising with her mother, Linda, in their basement. Linda collected and spoke highly about the popular workout series THE FIRM. This is where Marissa learned form, technique, and effective exercises that she still does to this day.

While growing up, Marissa's love for dance began to grow as she took part in numerous school showcases and musicals. During her high school career, she was recognized in two Playbills as the contributing choreographer for Grease and High School Musical. In addition to dancing, Marissa is also a singer and actress.

Real Rhythm Dance and Fitness is a growing venture for Marissa. She hopes to motivate, educate, and inspire others to be the best version of themselves whether it be through dancing, strength training, or just maintaining a healthier lifestyle.