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best shoes to wear on and off the dancefloor

Imagine going to a wedding or event and not having to consider taking your heels off at some point. Or imagine taking a dance class and not having your foot pain distract you from enjoying the class. Does that reality even exist?

In my experience I can say that I 100% found shoes that can stay on my feet FOR HOURS. (no cap). Let me put you on.

Shabina Hot Pink Stretch Sock Ankle Boot by Burju Shoes

If you're a dancer you should definitely be wearing these to take classes or dance at socials

I was introduced to Burju Shoes almost 3 years ago through Instagram. I've always followed multiple amazing choreographers and dancers in LA, and I started noticing that they all had similar shoes in their videos. Not only were the shoes cute but everyone was able to seamlessly dance their butts off without looking like they were about to fall over in their heels.

At this time I was dancing in heels and teaching classes for over a year but I never invested in shoes specifically made for dancers. When I was finally tired of replacing my heels every few months because they were coming apart, I decided to purchase my first pair of Burju Shoes. That was one of the best decisions I had made at that time.

Comfortability makes a huge difference in your experience

Have you ever been at a club or a night out where your feet are just killing you and you honestly just would rather go home or sit in the car? I've been there. And it sucks.

I don't even remember the last time that I had a night like that since wearing my Burjus. Every dance class that I teach or take is an amazing experience because I can focus on my movement and craft rather than how my feet feet, or afraid if I'll fall over. Burju Shoes are lightweight and offer the perfect amount of cushion. It honestly feels like you don't have anything on your feet.

For me, there's no extra slipping or sliding. I feel stable, confident and ready to move in these shoes.

Don't ever compromise style over comfort

Most of us grew up in a world where we viewed very comfortable shoes as "ugly", "orthopedic" or just not the cutest. I'm still not a fan of crocs or sketchers. Some of us rarely relate "style" to "comfort" because we were told that pain is beauty.

With Burju Shoes, you can 100% get both. All the shoes are made with padding, support and durability, plus the option to choose a heel height. This is great for those who don't want to go too high but still want the heel effect.

You can also find that some of the shoes have adjustable laces so that you can make the shoe as snug or loose as you need. The option to customize and have your shoes made to order is one of the best things about this brand.

Leona Black Leopard Mesh Stiletto Ankle Boot by Burju Shoes

If the price doesn't match the value then I don't want it

Nowadays with inflation and cost of goods and services rising, everything is a little pricier. However when it comes to spending money on clothes, bags and shoes, I only want to spend money on items that will last. This is thanks to my newly adopted minimalist mindset.

Why spend less money more often on items that won't last long, instead of spending a little more money on items that will last a long time?

Burju Shoes prices range between $119 and $169 for most shoes. They always have sale options and you can save when you use code "RISSFITKITTY" at checkout.

Enjoy your shoes. Make sure to always store them in the bag that they come inside for preservation and proper care. And remember investing in yourself is important to build confidence.

Zoe Sandal in Nude by Burju Shoes



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