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5 Mindset Shifts That Changed My Life

The beautiful thing about life is that we are constantly changing, evolving and growing. I'd like to think that most people look forward to learning and coming to realizations as life progresses. I'm definitely one of those people.

My twenties was a HUGE period for learning lessons and coming to know a lot about life. And ending my twenties during a pandemic forced me to go deeper and learn a lot more about the world and myself.

My mindset has changed so much within just a few years and I want to share 5 specific shifts that have changed my life.

1. You can’t please everyone & not everyone will like you

I actually learned this pretty early on in my twenties during the start of my fitness and dance career. From having people walk out of my Zumba class to having people talk badly about my classes while other people raved about them, I learned that I can't be everyone's cup of tea. And that's okay.

I learned this even more when I started my business and started dealing with the rare population of complainers, people who thought my services were "too expensive", and people who fought against cancellation policies. There's no way you can make everyone happy. Unfortunately some people aren't even looking to be made happy. A lot of people are just happy with complaining and causing chaos. That has nothing to do with you! Once you realize this, so much peace will come.

2. It’s better to get it done than to wait for it to be perfect

For anyone who identifies with being a perfectionist, I'm sure that you have either had to learn this hard lesson, or you're close to this realization. I've procrastinated on so many things in my life because I wanted to wait until it was "perfect" or felt like it wasn't the "right time" to begin. I wasted so much time doing this.

Imagine how much more efficient you can be if you just put in a little bit of work each day to work towards a goal, versus pushing off the start date because you don't feel like the situation is perfect. I have to ask myself often, "when will things ever be perfect?" or "what is the supposed right time to start?".

Getting to a point where you can just get started and find the momentum to keep going (in anything in life) is key. Action is the most important step in moving forwards fulfillment and happiness. Without action, there is no result.

3. Peace is more valuable than popularity

In the age of social media and everyone looking to become "instagram famous", an influencer, or a public figure, popularity has become a huge desire for a many people. With popularity comes a lot of opinions, voices, judgement, and attention. And while being a public figure is sort of what my current & dream job includes, I've learned to not fantasize popularity (inflated ego) over having peace of mind.

If I decide to do something that I feel "forced" to do just because everyone else thinks I should do it, I'm ultimately sacrificing my peace of mind. Sometimes going against the grain and ignoring all of the trends, advice, or comments feels way better than doing everything for popularity.

This a big mindset shift that not everybody is open to.

4. The only blocks are the ones you make up in your head

It's easy to blame other people for "holding us back" or stopping us from going towards our dreams. Maybe you've blamed your parents, your spouse, or even your kids. However, the only person you can blame is yourself. We have the power and freedom to take action or go after anything that we want in life.

If you feel like you are being blocked from moving in a certain direction or obtaining something specific, it's most likely because you put those blocks there and haven't figured out how to remove them. Blocks can initially be caused by our environment or surroundings. But as we get older and become creators in our life, it's our job to figure out how to move past those blocks and change our beliefs.

5. Being authentic feels way better than pretending to be someone you’re not

Stepping into my authentic self has been my main focus over the past few years. From leaving romantic situations that I knew I outgrew, to leaving jobs that I felt I had to shrink at, it has been an interesting period to say the least.

The reason that most people are not comfortable with being the most authentic version of themselves is because they don't even know what that version of them looks like. When I was pretending to be someone else or trying to fit into settings, that never felt good to me. I knew that I couldn't truly be happy if I kept remaining in situations, relationships, and social settings that did not feel allow me to be authentic.

And while being yourself and showing up as you truly are can be uncomfortable sometimes, it will always feel better than playing small and pretending.

Listen to this podcast episode to get a better breakdown of these mindset shifts. Also available on Apple Podcasts here:


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