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3 Journal Prompts For SPRING SOLSTICE

The official day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere was Tuesday, March 19th. This means that spring is officially in the air and it's time for some big shifts.

While it may not seem like there's a significant difference in the weather depending on where you live, there are certainly some energetic and planetary shifts going on. These changes can affect our moods, desires, thoughts, and capabilities. Journaling is a great way to go inward, reflect on the past winter season, and start focusing on what you want to attract into your life this season.

I love to journal daily, but ESPECIALLY when we are entering a new season. I like to set my intentions, reflect on what has happened in the past that 's forcing me to change, and I create affirmations that apply to the reality that I'm creating for myself..

Here's 3 journal prompts that you can use this season to create a new reality and step into that spring glow.

1. "How Can I Blossom This Spring?"

The trees, flowers, and plants aren't the only things that blossom on this earth. Like nature, we also have seasons where we are meant to thrive and evolve. I like to think of Spring Solstice as my New Year, as I feel less motivated and energized during. the winter to make big changes and push the needle.

Write down in your journal a few ways in which. you can really step into a higher version. of yourself. What action do you need to take? What relationships need to end or be cultivated? What beliefs do you need to adopt or release?

2. "What Is No Longer Serving Me In This New Season?"

Releasing is a necessary part of life that doesn't always feel good, but is ultimately for our own good. When we talk about spring cleaning, don't just think about cleaning your home. This is a great time to clean up finances, mental and emotional burdens, relationships that don't make you feel good, or even a job.

The best way to identify what is no longer serving you is to write down all of the things that are currently holding you back, distracting you, or causing you distress. Write it all down, and act accordingly. Just remember to be reasonable and understand that sometimes challenges & tests are necessary for growth. They are always temporary.

3. "What Can I Do More of That Makes Me Feel Alive & Joyful?"

The whole point of life is to enjoy it and create it. While every day and every moment of your life may not feel good, there are so many moments that you CAN feel good. We have to opt into joy, not just expect it. What do you enjoy doing? Where are some places that you like to visit? Who are the people that add joy to your life?

As you write down all of the things that make you come alive, notice how it feels in your body. This is how you know if you're meant to be doing it.

Keeping a journal is a great way to release your thoughts, feelings and ideas in a safe space that only you have access to. When we don't feel like we have a healthy outlet or people who we can go deep with, a journal is always there.

Last Fall I released my self-published Self-Care Journal & Wellness Guide, and I've been using it myself daily to remember to prioritize my self-care. The journal has over 100 prompts to help you increase your self-esteem, your mood, your quality of sleep, and find peace within yourself.

There is a digital version also available for the girlies who prefer an ipad or tablet.

If you found this article useful and you want more tips on how to step into the best version of yourself this spring then watch this:

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