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Why you’re not sticking to your fitness routine: 5 REAL REASONS

Welcome to a new year and another series of "new year, new me" posts on social media. For most people, increasing their health and wellness is at the top of their resolutions or goal list. Many people just want to live a healthier and more active lifestyle because they understand the benefits of it. And for others, they've come to the realization that they are not in great shape and may be in risk of some serious health issues if they don't change their lifestyles.

Wherever you fit in, you may find continuously every year that you end up falling off your routine and your new years goal just goes out the window. Let's dive into why that may be.

You have an unhealthy or toxic relationship with fitness

This is the reason that is really going to prevent you from being consistent with your routine or workouts. Maybe you grew up in a household where you were called "fat" by family members or you were teased in school for being overweight. It's possible that you've tried working out in the past but you've always viewed it as punishment or a way to "erase" your eating. Another reason you may not value fitness is because someone in the industry treated you badly or made you feel like an outcast (maybe a trainer, instructor, facility member).

People who have unhealthy relationships with exercise must find a way to educate themselves on the benefits of fitness and understand why it is crucial to live a long and healthy life. No matter what your experience has been, it's up to you to find people and spaces that support you and encourage you to keep showing up. FIND YOUR TRIBE.

you're bored with your workouts

So maybe you've been doing the same type of workout for a few years or months. It's possible that you've lost interest in fitness because you're bored and you're not being mentally stimulated or having fun. While exercising can be tough (mentally and physically), there are plenty ways to make it fun.

Switch up your workout by trying out different classes. There are boutique studios that offer specific types of workouts, or if you're a member at a gym you can try different classes that they offer on the schedule. There's SO MANY types of exercise from dance workouts to HIIT. Whenever you find yourself losing interest, just try something new. You never know what may peak your interest AND give you an amazing workout.

you're not seeing physical results

There could be a few reasons as to why you're not seeing results.

1. Your diet does not complement your fitness routine

In order to achieve the results that you're looking for, you have to make sure your eating is on point. For most people, they simply aren't eating enough (specifically protein, veggies and fiber). If you are looking to lose body fat but are eating fast food and high processed food, then your chances of seeing results in a timely manner will decrease. If you're looking to gain weight or muscle, your eating must also complement your workout plan.

2. You're not doing the right exercises for your ideal body type or ultimate goal

When starting a new type of workout you should understand the benefits and how that specific workout is going to affect your body. Not every type of exercise is going to help you build muscle and not every type of exercise is going to help you burn fat. Some people only do yoga because they enjoy the benefits of increased mobility, core stabilization, and overall bodyweight strength. You have to find the right exercise depending on your goals.

3. You're skipping the weights.

A big factor in weight loss, muscle gain or just changing your body composition is resistance training. There are so many benefits of lifting weights and the main benefit is that it allows you to see quicker changes in your body than if you just did cardiovascular training. Muscle helps burn fat and also changes the way we physically appear due to increase muscle definition. If you want to get snatched in a short period of time, try committing to at least 3 days of weight lifting per week.

your gym budget is low

Ok so while I'm very sensitive to people going through financial hardships and not being able to afford luxurious gym memberships, I'm also going to say that money should never be a factor when it comes to your physical activity levels.

We live in a world where you can get anything with a click of a button and resources are endless. YouTube is one of the most popular and convenient platforms where millions of fitness and health professionals are offering their services for FREE. And I'm one of them. Check out this 20 minute upper body workout here.

The number of free and available workouts online are endless, but you can also look into inexpensive subscriptions that most fitness coaches and instructors offer as well.

If you're more of a gym person and don't enjoy working out at home, or simply don't have the space or equipment then you can always look into budget friendly gyms such as Planet Fitness or Blink Fitness. You can also look into local and private gyms in your area that may have low membership costs.

Let's drop the excuse of not having enough money in 2023 in utilize our resources!

you lack accountability

Accountability takes a huge part in seeing results and developing discipline. Without discipline you're highly unlikely to stick to your fitness routine or just sticking with things that make us uncomfortable. And working out is VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. We may have heard at some point that doing the uncomfortable tasks is how we experience growth. And I couldn't agree more.

When you hold yourself accountable you're more likely to stay on track because you understand what happens if you don't keep showing up to workout. Ultimately you won't see progress.

If you're someone who struggles with discipline or maybe you're a procrastinator, you may want to get an accountability partner. This can be a friend who has similar fitness goals, a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a life coach, a doctor or a group of people. You can find accountability groups online, you can sign up for challenges or programs that track your progress over a period of time.

By surrounding yourself with people who also need to be held accountable and want to change their lives for the better this will motivate you to stay consistent. And that's how you're going to stick with your fitness routine.

The most important reminder is to be kind to yourself, be patient and try your best. Ask for help when needed.

Staying physically active can be difficult, especially when you are making major lifestyle changes or don't have the support around you. But continue to show up, put in the work, be proud of yourself, and watch your life change.


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