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Why Adults Should Take Dance Classes

If anyone has convinced you to believe that dance is only for kids and teens, then you stumbled across the right blog post today.

With dance being of the most searched topics across Google and YouTube, there's a reason why people can't stay away from it.

Dance has a way of completely changing our mood and putting us into a higher vibration. Music combined with movement has the ability to heal.

I want to highlight some of the main benefits of taking any type of dance class as an adult. And coming from a dancer, my life would be COMPLETELY different without it.

Dance allows you to be present

When you are in a setting where dance is taking place, whether it's a hip hop class, Zumba at a gym, or the electric slide at a cookout, nothing else typically matters when you're in the zone.

This is such a good thing for our mental health. Dance helps us to focus on what's in front of us instead of what hasn't happened yet, or what we don't want to happen. When you're in the middle of a dance move you shouldn't be concerned with why that guy didn't text you back. The more present thought might be "Damn, my butt looks great in this mirror".

Which thought sounds better to you?

Dancing keeps you mobile

With age, naturally some adults will begin to feel more stiff or tight in their joints. Dancing can help keep your body feeling youthful and energized. Depending on what type of dance class you take, you can even build up stamina, flexibility and strength.

Dance is such a versatile sport, so anyone can find their level and style of choice. If you're looking for a fun, upbeat dance workout that will make you feel like you're on an island, then check out Real Riddim Dance Workout on YouTube.

Joy is one of the primary emotions in dance

While dance can bring on many different emotions, the most common emotion is joy. If you watch most people when they're really in their element dancing, there is an unapologetic sense of joy that you feel from their movement or facial expression.

In a world where many people are stressed out, anxious, living in fear, angry, or unhappy with their circumstances, joy is not something that most individuals will remember to access. I use the word "access" because joy is truly accessible to anyone through the smallest things. Dance is one of those things. Ok so you can't afford to take a dance class. There are plenty of teachers offering free classes on YouTube. and other places in your community.

You just have to want to seek it.

Community can be formed through dance

I've made so many beautiful connections through dance over the years. When you put yourself in settings with people who have similar intentions to feel good, find joy, stay healthy & active, you're more likely to find your tribe.

Spending more time around people who have similar interests may organically spark up friendships, support systems, or long lasting partnerships. Who knows, you might just meet your future business partner in a heels class.

If you loved this post, check out my podcast episode below to learn more about the benefits of taking dance class as an adult.

If you’re looking to step into the next chapter of your life, and you're are ready to transform but need mentorship or accountability, you may be interested in one of my coaching programs. Apply to my Business Mentorship Program or Confidence Coaching Program to work with me 1 on 1 this year.

This post contains product and affiliate links. I earn commissions from my sponsored links. Thank you for your support.


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