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5 podcasts to add to your list in 2023

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular for a few reasons.

They allow listeners to tune in anywhere & on the go. You can pretty much find a podcast for any topic, demographic, or based on what insight you're looking for. Podcasts are like books, but with people sharing their thoughts and opinion using their voices. Some podcasts now also feature live video of their episodes for those who are more interested in visuals or "talk-show" style type of entertainment. You can find most podcast videos now on Youtube. This has has also become a great way for podcast hosts to further monetize their brand and expand their audience.

I really got into podcasts around 2019 starting with a show that my best friend put me onto, The Read with hosts Kid Fury and Crissle. While this podcast is not on this Top 5 list for 2023, this still remains one of my favorites simply because of how real and unfiltered the hosts are. Their segments range from "Black Excellence" to "Listener Letters" (which can get super messy and hilarious). Just know that you'll almost always be entertained by these two Black millennials. You can definitely add it to the list I'm about to give you.

But now, for my suggestions going into the new year in no particular order:

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Listening to On Purpose with Jay Shetty honestly just makes you want to get your sh*t together and become a better person. Jay Shetty shares his experiences living as a monk for a few years, and now sharing his purpose with the world. This podcast promotes overall wellness including benefits of mediation, mental health advice, relationship advice, and becoming enlightened.

Listening to this podcast has really helped me shift my mindset, perspective, and really choose to evaluate my relationships and everyday decisions. Jay Shetty has interviewed some really amazing and inspiring people including Kobe Bryant, Jhene Aiko, Kendall Jenner, Big Sean and so many more. It's refreshing to listen to the perspectives of such successful people and understand the choices that they've made and the struggles that they've faced leading up to and during their careers.

Jay alternates between interviews and solo episodes and you're always in for a treat with any episode you listen to. Episodes are released twice a week.

Balanced Black Girl

I would recommend Balanced Black Girl to all women, not just women of color. While this podcast definitely caters to Black women & brings light to issues that many of us deal with, you can absolutely gain something even if you're not Black.

Balanced Black Girl covers a wide variety of topics including entrepreneurship, self-care, wellness, feminine health, dealing with work related issues, and finding peace & rest in your everyday life. The host, Les, has a warm, welcoming voice & tone that pulls you in and makes you feel like a friend. She is a huge supporter of other Black female entrepreneurs and podcast hosts, and has some amazing conversations that will inspire you to take notes.

Les also does a few solo episodes where she shares her own insight, experiences, and struggles both as an entrepreneur and a full-time employee working a 9-5. If you're looking to start up your own business or want to learn how to balance work and life this podcast is definitely worth subscribing to. Episodes are released every Tuesday.

Dropping Gems with Devi Brown

As Devi Brown would say this podcast is your "soft place to land". Dropping Gems promotes healing, wellness, spiritual awakening, meditation & ultimately just becoming the best & authentic version of yourself. Devi has evolved from a popular radio host to now a wellness coach who provides meditations not just on her podcast but through the Chopra app as well.

Devi Brown alternates between solo episodes and having other health professionals on her show including licensed therapists, writers, doctors, and celebrities including Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child. Devi highly advocates for living a soft, peaceful life, discovering your truth and who you naturally are under the everyday facades that we sometimes put on.

Dropping Gems is a great podcast for those who enjoy deep, thought provoking, mentally stimulating conversations and discoveries. There are a lot of great journal prompts and questions that you can reflect on both during and after listening to the podcast. If you're on your healing journey, enjoy more than surface level conversations, or are just looking for a more meaningful life then listen to this podcast.

Lovers and Friends

I truly wish I discovered this podcast in my earlier 20s. While I thoroughly enjoy Lovers and Friends at this moment, I just feel like it would've educated and empowered me even more a few years ago. The host, Shan Boodram does an amazing job of bringing light to the most taboo, uncomfortable, and controversial topics. This podcast highlights sex, relationships, dating, and sex education.

Shan has an energetic, bright, down to earth, and unfiltered personality that really draws you in. She gives off the vibe that she would never judge her friends for anything and she loves having the uncomfortable conversations. She's recently interviewed the mother of Nick Cannon's child, and allowed the world to get a peak into that very interesting family/relationship dynamic that most of us judge (let's be honest).

Shan Boodram is a feminist who is not afraid to share her own experiences regarding relationships, motherhood, career and sex. She sets up her podcast episodes so you can get the perspectives of multiple show guests and listeners but all under the same topic, She leaves you open to new ideas and and an understanding that everyone's lifestyle is not "one size fits all".

Know For Sure

Know For Sure podcast is fairly new but has reached so much popularity in just the few weeks that it launched. The hosts feature B. Simone, a well-known Instagram comedian and influencer, and her bff/manager/soul mate Megan Brookes. Every episode draws you in with B.Simone and Megan very natural chemistry, respect for one another, and ultimate desire to become better individuals.

Every week the two hosts discuss topics surrounding dating, living in your truth and purpose, being a servant of God, and trying to simply do your best in this life, They have very transparent and thought provoking conversations surrounding family, dating, careers, friendships, and spirituality. You can definitely see how these women have remained friends for over 20 years, They are bestie goals for real.

If you like authentic, unscripted and relatable conversations then you'll love this podcast. If you have a friend who enjoys podcasts this one is definitely worth sharing and discussing.


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