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How to Create a Healthy Relationship With Social Media

Social media use and engagement is at all all time high. Most people cannot imagine a life without social media. It has the ability to affect our relationships, self-image, bank account, mental health, and so much more.

While I sit here and write a blog post to share on social media, I fully admit to struggling in the past with allowing social media to control too many parts. of my life. I'm now at the point where I use apps intentionally, mainly for business, professional opportunities, networking, to feel inspired and to motivate others. Let's discuss how we can feel good about the relationship we have with social media.

Limit Your Screen Time

How many times have you lost track of time or missed a deadline because you were stuck scrolling or insta-stalking someone? How many times have you rolled over in bed and grabbed your phone, before even acknowledging a brand new day?

Our connection to social media can get a little bit too intimate if we are not aware and cautious of how much time we are on the apps. Setting timers for yourself or having a scheduled task that will get you off the apps is sometimes necessary. If you're going on a social media app just to post something, set a time frame for yourself to complete that task and then close the app.

Having self-control surrounding social media will allow you to put more time and energy into yourself, your loved ones, the present moment, and real life events.

Take Breaks

We live in a world where we are constantly trying to please "algorithms" and we're told that posting every day will boost your exposure to the world. Well, just how much exposure to the world do you want and need? Entrepreneurs and business owners probably resonate with this the most because posting on social media is a big part of marketing. What's the right amount of engagement that will leave us feeling satisfied?

Does this mean that just because you have something to sell that you should be on apps everyday? Nope, it's absolutely okay to take breaks when you need to. Giving yourself a break from social media can bring peace of mind, lower anxiety levels, provide a sense of grounding, and can give you space to focus on other things such as self-care.

If you guys haven't already listened to this podcast episode, we dive deeper into this topic. Tune in and follow the podcast for more self-care convos,

Set an Intention

Knowing your "why" and understanding what your reason is for using social media is important if you want to maintain a healthy relationship with it. We should all have an intention when it comes to each app that we use. You may use one app to connect with friends or a community of people. You may use another app just for creativity or inspiration. Another app could be used to showcase your talents or sell your products. However, if you're just using social media because you feel like you should or you are just trying to follow trends to fit in, it's probably time to evaluate your relationship and set an intention.

Mindless scrolling, using apps out of boredom, or building up feelings of FOMO can be dangerous and can affect your mental health and productivity. Take a minute today to really take a step back and look at how you use social media. If it doesn't look or feel good, make adjustments accordingly.

If you lack discipline with social media, you feel like social media affects your self-esteem in a negative way or you're trying to figure out how you can show up as your best self online, you may need a coach. Apply to my Confidence Coaching program. I'll help you reframe your relationship with social media, improve your self-esteem, start setting better boundaries, and stop accepting less than you desire. Apply here.


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